Fine Lavender Dried Flowers


Fine Lavender dried flowers in bulk, bag of 500g or 1kg.


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Dried flowers of fine lavender in bulk. Also known as true or officinal lavender.
Fine lavender is edible and can therefore be used in food and cosmetics.
You can use the flowers to make infusions and herbal teas, or mix them with the tea of your choice.
Use them to make your favourite drinks, such as lemonade or kefir, or to spice up your cooking.
Thanks to its relaxing properties, fine lavender can also be used to make soaps, candles, hot water bottles or relaxation cushions.

Available in 500g or 1kg bags.

Fine lavender harvested and grown in France.
Also available in small packs in 40g organic food tins.
For filling sachets and throwing lavender after the wedding, we recommend our dried lavandin flowers by clicking here.

Lavandaïs en Provence, the french shop to buy lavender flowers in bulk!


Do you find that fine lavender flowers don't smell enough?
This is because the essential oil of lavender is locked in the calyx.
You therefore need to crush the flowers to ‘reactivate’ the scent and release the essential oil.
We recommend reactivating lavender sachets every three months so that they retain their scent, and the same applies to loose lavender.

Fine Lavender Dried Flowers
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Based on 2 reviews

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    expédié et livré très vite

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    Très bon produit Mes sachets de lavande ont eu beaucoup de succès