l’eau florale de lavande, une alliée pour la peau

Lavender often brings back memories of holidays in Provence or childhood. Beyond its olfactory power, it is also a plant with numerous benefits for beauty and well-being. Thanks to its purifying and soothing properties for the skin, lavender floral water has a place in our toiletries and cosmetics!

A family history and passion

Used for centuries, lavender has long since proved its worth. In fact, the Romans were already using it to wash and perfume, and then in the Middle Ages to disinfect!

Today, lavender is widely used in the form of essential oil for minor aches and pains and as a room spray, but lavender floral water also has remarkable properties. It is obtained during the same steam extraction distillation process as lavender essential oil, and so also contains interesting active ingredients. It is increasingly used in skincare and cosmetics formulations.

Its main properties:

  • Cleansing and purifying for the skin and scalp
  • Healing and regenerating
  • Balances and regulates sebum
  • Soothing

Lavender floral water, for what type of skin?

The major advantage of lavender floral water is that it can be used as a toner on all skin types, even the most sensitive. It refreshes and purifies, but does not dry out the skin. Its purifying properties make it an ideal ally for oily and acne-prone skin, regulating sebum. It is also suitable for more mature skin thanks to its regenerating and firming properties. A natural skin care product that will quickly be adopted by the whole family, including men, as it soothes the skin after shaving, which can be very irritating for facial skin.

How to use lavender floral water

You can combine lavender floral water with all your beauty care products from morning to night:

  • Spray on the face in the morning for an instant fresh, clean effect.
  • Use as a lotion in the evening with a cotton pad after removing make-up to cleanse and purify the skin before going to bed.
  • Dilute in your homemade cosmetics: masks, cleansing gels, steam baths or day creams.
    Lavender floral water is one of the key ingredients in our Lavandaïs en Provence range of organic cosmetics.
  • Spray on hair to revitalise the scalp, reduce sebum production in hair that regrays quickly or as a lice repellent.
  • Spray on the body or face after shaving or waxing, or after excessive exposure to the sun.
Huile essentielle de Lavande Fine

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Our lavender floral water comes from our own agricultural production at the Maison de Lavande - 07700 Saint-Remèze (Ardèche).
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